Sara & Alexis

"Rock Paper Scissor"

Wedding video in Mykonos

If you were told to describe your dream wedding would it possibly be like that?: Greek island, white-blue stone church, flowers everywhere, the Aegean sun above all? If so, then Sara & Alexis are the ideal directors in your dream wedding video! They sailed to Mykonos and we travelled along with them!

Sara & Alexis are of those kids that refuse to grow up! Their wedding video shooting was a way returning back to innocence. While rock, paper, scissor game, make them jump high full of joy and happiness!  

Positive energy, joy and fun never stopped coloring this wedding! The bride continued gifting us shooting material even during her preparation, while the groom was getting more and more radiant from happiness, since the time that the girl would be officially “his”, for third time, had come!

Their friends traveled from different parts of the world map and gave their wedding colors and scents from Germany, Holland, Mauritius France, Honk Kong and Shanghai but above all their love for the glamorous couple.

And since the excited just-married couple exchanged vows of love before God and people, the starry sky of Mykonos was getting ready for the big night!

Saxophones, violins, greek dancers, live music, singing, hugging, cheerfulness and dancing and the happy couple were always present at the forefront of fun! The party, however, is never enough and the nightlife of the island never left anyone complaining!

Sara & Alexis lived their wedding in Mykonos as they dreamed of it, and Happy wedding films cinematography's artistic look will always remind them of these beautiful moments!


Destination: Mykonos
Date: 11.9.2016 

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