Lihau & Kendall

"The Green Gold"

Wedding Video in Santorini

“Wave to light Reborn the eyes Where Life sails to a sea gaze Life"

And that's what Elytis’ poem is about, this love that is born again to see the light, this life that becomes a boat and love becomes her maid, this journey that becomes wealthier because it is shared by hearts wide open!

Kendall and Lihau are those children who seem to be together since ever, who know how to find beauty at all times, who laugh at their soul, who have organized for themselves one of the most special weddings in the wonderful Santorini, who became the body and soul of a wedding video, beautiful by definition ...!

At the amazing Black Rock Studios, in Kokkinopetra of the Cycladic Island, they found their own wedding spot and, leaving their imagination free, they set their love as a guide and their hands as their craftsmen! Having their beloved relatives and friends along, they set up a workshop for the construction of small, wedding treasures, painted the canvas of their own, special day and, by choosing "Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography-cinematography", gave life to their own little piece of art!

Each olive branch, every little flower, every ribbon that became an ornament, every magical bead from the Hawaiian land, every stone and wood from the nature of Santorini, became entangled, tied up, united and made the most minimal, purely luxurious setting for this wedding video!

Alex's cameras were left in the rhythm of a warm, splendid company, fell in love once again with the rare Santorini sunset, saw a side of her that reminds of a picturesque island village, listened to spontaneous, laughing children, touched wildflowers and played with the light of the Greek sun as if they just met it!

And when, in the evening, the loving couple danced, their kiss was fierier than a cinema scene of passion, under a sky full of stars, which will always magnetize our childish heart, as the ultimate, original fireworks dance!

Kendal and Lihau, with an “aloha”, and a wish to see you again, we will thank you for the beautiful moments you shared with us and we wish you never lose this sense of luxurious simplicity, that fills the soul with blooming flowers!

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