About me

June 14, 1990
Today was the last day at school and we started our holiday, hooray!!
I put my satchel in the closet with care and love, because who can stand moms nagging that I only care about playing around. I also care for so many things that the big ones could never understand!

I grabbed the camera, whistled at Box and we headed off for our trips! We went down the alley that leads to the sea. I chose to walk on the long way which turns and passes through the forest. On the bench there I have engraved two letters, A and L. (Let’s not say more now because I do not know who may read this letter I am sending to myself, and Dad is a little curious sometimes.)

I thought, “I’ll take a photo of it and will give it to her along with a letter. Now that schools have ended, I have to tell her all.”
-Come on Box, the waves are calling us!

We arrived at the beach running and I turned the camera on. A place full of treasures!

My crazy dog was excited, he ran, stamped, shook the water off him and I was following him!

“I will make you famous like Lassy, Box!” I thought, and I imagined I was grown up and I had these huge cameras on wheels, great lights and people around who were happy that I made them pictures on TV! And then, I felt great. I guess somehow like this must be the success that the big ones talk about.

We left when it started getting dark. We got a chocolate ice cream from the canteen, Mr. Stephan asked me again if I could also make him famous one day and I told him I would try! We arrived home and Christinio, as Dad calls her when he loves her a lot, waited at the door.
-You are wet and dirty!

  • And happy mom!
    Alexis Stampassopoulos, 7 years’ old
  • 28 years later and I can’t find a better way to talk about me.

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